About Us

It all started with a simple question: "Where will I place my jewelry during a workout so I do not forget it?"

We thought: “Wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to store jewelry directly on a keychain? You can’t leave without your keys.” … That is what started us on the path to develop Kettlekeeper.

Kettlekeeper is the kettlebell inspired storage device that will allow you to conveniently secure your jewelry or other small items and store them in an unforgettable place; attached to your keys.

Kettlekeeper is a place to:
  • Store rings or other jewelry while working out
  • Store vitamins, fish oil, or medication while on the go
  • Store a little bit of spare change while on the go
  • Store any small thing that could potentially get misplaced


Kettle Keepers are 100% made in USA and constructed of extremely durable polycarbonate. Take time to check out stress tests that we have performed to show that Kettle Keeper will more than withstand everyday abuse.

Thanks for taking a look at our page!

-Chris and Carrie